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The Bowl Headed is a blog driven by passion, fueled by creativity, premised by the intention to be better, and grown to become a platform for style-irreverence. The Bowl Headed is a blog by Pierre Lindsey, currently based in Cebu, Philippines, dedicated for his love of fashion and imagery.

Pierre sees this blog as an opportunity of boundless freedom; not only in exploring his creative depths, but also in navigating what skills he’s acquired throughout the years. Through this blog, he has developed a passion for pushing the standards of dressing, striding away from the norm the society has imposed— by feminizing masculinity with a bowl haircut, one outfit at a time.  

The Bowl Headed is a multi-faceted fashion blog, a platform he not only uses to showcase his personal style, but also as a portfolio for the clothes and images he produce himself.

More so, The Bowl Headed goes beyond being a fashion blog, it is an interaction for people who willingly detach themselves from the norm and is continually growing as a person in fashion. This blog also becomes a destination for individuals who revel with non-conforming tastes, who believe that being irrelevant is the most relevant thing in fashion.   

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