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June 30, 2018

Pride 2018: Celebrating Queer Talents

Fashion should not restrict. 
It should not limit. It should, as a matter of fact, 
celebrate the abundance of possibilities it presents.
 Over the past year, it has been an unwritten theme—especially in Pride—to let boys be feminine. To simply allow ones who are effeminate in nature to truly express themselves the best way they know how: wear fashions that don’t conform to a gender role. This year, as pride month just closed its curtains, I am taking the idea somewhat started by an online publication in the Philippines to precedented extremes. For this year’s pride month's last hurrah, I collaborated with three emerging, young, and queer designers to create a look for the event that best represent them as designers.

ES•PE•JO by Eyla Orais

"Celebrating Pride is also celebrating diversity and inclusivity".

A highly feminine brand balanced with the right amount of edge that focuses on the quality of its pieces— minimal yet well-crafted. ES•PE•JO takes inspiration from the mystifying mythical creatures, fairies and goddesses to create pieces of fashions both aspirational and elusive. 

For Pride month, Eyla created a jumpsuit with double slits at the front to evoke and represent the idea that femininity isn’t merely about what you see, what is on the exterior, rather it is more about how one truly expresses his or herself. Perfect indeed for this month’s idea of letting people express themselves unequivocally. 

MNV by Myco Vendero

"Pride is a celebration of freedom, that you are out and proud. So, its importance is as equal to independence".

MNV is a brand that centers contrast or juxtaposition. Aesthetics in great parallel to each other that converge to create beautiful, delicate, and romantic pieces for a woman who has character and sees beauty as irrelevant in the realms she walks in. MNV is for the romantic women set in the 21st century.

Myco created a look solely based on liberty—just the spontaneity and creativity of his creative mind. No specific inspiration, no sketches, no mood boards, none! Just the conscious idea whether the piece would perfectly go with me or not, sprinkled of course with the MNV touch

Jeanom Ursua by Alfredo

"Pride  is a celebration of being a diverse community. It is also a positive way to fight our rights and be able fight against discrimination and violence towards the LGBT community".

A brand influenced by the "New Look" movement of the 50s where a woman’s body is patronized by a form-fitting bodice. Jeanom Ursua is a brand that has a classic feminine point of view that celebrates being a woman in all its glory and reveres women who know who they are in fashion both in style and in person. To simply put it, classic and feminine.

To close the Pride month, Jeanom Ursua created for me a look inspired by the effervescence of the 90s and the craftsmanship of the 80s—a somewhat well-tailored grunge direction. Steering away from her traditional feminine choice of fabric, the plaid proved to be a challenge that offered another version of a Jeanom Ursua woman. Someone feminine and knows well enough where she stands in fashion, yet someone fearless enough to venture into realms outside her comfort zone.
 Cebu is indeed congested with designers, mostly LGBTQIA members, but rarely do they embrace the idea of disrupting gender roles in fashion as they are being contrived to please the masses. Fashion, as cliche as it may sound, should be an avenue for any to express themselves, however they wish to identify as. Fashion should not restrict. It should not limit. It should, as a matter of fact, celebrate the abundance of possibilities it presents. And with these three talented young designers, fashion is seen limitless and nonconforming, celebratory and uplifting, things truly needed to encourage people to be who or what they want to be in fashion or in life in general.

Jeanom Ursua (@jeanomursua)

Jeremeeya Reda

Pierre Lindsey



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