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January 16, 2018

That Denim on Denim Life

Denim on Denim: how it began and where it's gotten....

I could never comprehend why I used to fear the wearing of multiple denims in an outfit. It, to me, felt something out of the ordinary; something I see, then, is beyond the boundary of my style. Denim on denim has had a  long history in fashion; it traces itself back to when men needed something practical and durable for work. Overalls, coveralls, all these in denim— striped, in varying colors of white, blue, black, even red— as uniforms for men in work. Then, the emergence of the 'Canadian Tuxedo', the wearing of head to toe denim— not necessarily a single unit. Although called the 'Canadian Tuxedo', this style originated in America, almost a quintessential American style. The story of why it got its moniker was when a crooner named Bing Crosby was not allowed in a hotel in Vancouver, Canada for wearing denim head to toe— although he was granted exception because people knew who he was, the story still got around. Levi's heard of the news and made him a suit made of denim, Levi's did the gesture so he'd never have trouble again if he ever decided to wear the material.

Denim on denim and, or everything denim was never an option for style-savvy people, it was just never as mainstream. Until, then lovebirds, Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake went out on the red carpet donned in everything denim. Theoretically, this (might have) caused for the world to see denim on denim as a faux pas, something that should be disregarded as a style— even though it was done as a new option for denim wearers. Come the rise of the new age with street-style and street-style stars, denim on denim has found its way into the sartorial options of many. Its possibilities outpouring, options on a high, denim on denim has grown to all and has become a conforming and comforting choice. Conforming in a way that it’s become so abundant to an extent its likely oddity is never to be questioned. Unlike then, wearing denim everything won’t get you banned anywhere; its irreverence has subdued to becoming a new norm, a new classic of sorts. Comforting because of its ease to put-together and it’s just, bottom-line, really comfortable to wear— also, who doesn't have denims in their closets?   

Now, with enough courage I have finally found the opportunity to drench myself in denim—coincidentally reminiscent of men’s vintage work wear; a denim dungaree dress worn over a denim pants, finished with a plaid blazer and black boots. Fulfilling the least. Elated to an extent. Denim on denim was a pragmatic approach to work for men. Now, with its new found image, it has lost its premise and has become a superficial way of dressing with (unnecessary) precautions about the right way to do it— though it’s essentially meant to be 'helpful'— but the approach of having these 'how-to's' has lost the reason why it even came to be. Though people would justify it's fashion— it is— but to restrict yourself with limitations is enslaving the very idea of fashion. Think vintage working men or think Britney and Justin circa 2001, it's one or the the other, you can either do it because you want ease or practicality or because you just want to have fun with fashion and, or denim. You shouldn't have the ideas of others as option, or to an extent be consciously imposed in your settings as it will just hinder you from even trying— holler! Though, I don't think me not trying out the very style this article is about, was influenced by others, it was just a matter of courage. Bottom-line is, denim on denim is a great way to dress— it's equally creative and exciting, though I couldn't fathom or will ever fathom why it was considered a big 'NO!' in fashion then. So if you're on a curiosity-high and seeking to try that denim on denim life— or any style for that matter— just do it and do it however you want to, and don't let articles of  'how-to's' dictate your means to try. 


Pierre Lindsey



(both) H&M

(both) DIY


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