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December 23, 2017

Unintentional Minimalism

Sometimes I unconsciously go 
into the realms of unintentional minimalism. 
Unintentional because I never really plan for it to be minimal, 
I just realize right after....

‘Nother One.
This Should Work.

I have been in front of the desktop countless of hours writing something I think would change a fraction of what people saw this blog as, only to be scrapped after a careful thought of the direction for where I really want this blog to go. To begin with, I started this blog with no advocacy in mind or to front this with, just the love for fashion and imagery. And I wanna keep that balance of, content and thoughts (that don’t necessarily go together-but still), without having to sound really condescending or way too serious in any way. I still do love having my inputs out there; sharing what I think on certain issues especially ones that cover my community- the LGBTQ. But for now, I’ll keep it at a low and try not to get to a point where I’m just saying something for the sake of saying something.

I’ve always thought of my style as something out of the minimal circle, somewhere along the lines of eccentric and old school. Nevertheless, I’ve always defined my style as an amalgamation of the different generations of fashions that came before. But, sometimes I unconsciously go into the realms of unintentional minimalism. Unintentional because I never really plan for it to be minimal, I just realize right after that the whole ensemble looks awfully minimal. So, whenever I’m in that alley I make it sure that I play with silhouettes and volumes: Oversize, Extra-long, something to compensate for the plainness of the pieces. 
Minimalism at times calls for a challenge (of creativity). Sometimes it’s meant to compromise (for the lack of effort). But I’ve never really been a fan of Minimalism, testament to that is the lack of discourse about it in this blog. But, I’ve always had this sort of inclination towards it unknowingly. Also, I admire people whose lifestyle is all about keeping it minimal, people who can pull off such undemanding style and transcend it to more than just an effortless attempt to styling; the discipline to remain consistent despite the various urges of tempting ostentatious fashion is nothing short of remarkable and amazing.

But honestly, I don’t even know why I’m stuck talking about Minimalism when it has ended seasons ago. You can possibly blame: 1. the lack of better topics to talk about, 2. the lack of inspiration, or 3. the actual urge to let this post see the light of day. Anyway, I just wanna say, never forego any style that resonates with you- be it Minimalism (as much as I deny my inclination), no matter what the industry dictates. Let them remain as a guide, but never let them dictate what’s best for you (cause only you know that) and never let them undermine your creative style just because they think its’ dated. Revel with it, make it your own, and keep expressing yourself everyday.   

TOP (similar here), SKIRT (similar here)
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