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November 15, 2017

-phile: P I E R R E / L I N D S E Y

"I was certain in my younger years 
I'd pursue a course most parents demand of their children, 
came first year in high school then I knew 
I wanted to design clothes."

As I was scrolling through my phone's Notes which consisted of song lyrics, phone numbers, and random thoughts, I came across this one in particular. An answered questionnaire for a publication that was suppose to feature our inputs as graduates of design school. The questions were in reference to my Unprecedented Tropics collection which was for the Estro fashion show.

Read on and get to know me as a design student....

What sparked your interest in fashion?

Fashion is a vast field to explore in, I never knew I had the yearning to immerse myself in such a creative industry. I only found myself drawing gowns for friends which sparked the interest. 

When did you know you wanted to be a fashion designer?

The furthest my memory can go was when I was in third grade, I believe that was when I was first introduce to fashion. I would draw dresses in pad papers and label them with names of women, since then  I never let go of the interest. And it was at that time I knew I wanted to design clothes for people.

How would you describe your design style?

My design style mostly revolves around the eccentricity of forgotten trends. It's an amalgamation of the different generations of fashion we came to know. All enveloped with modern understanding and youthful effervescence.

Where did you find the inspiration for your collection?

The inspiration was a strong contrast between the East and the West- Hawaii meets China.

How did you select the materials you used in you collection?

It was a very daunting task, a back and forth process. It was luck when I visited an upholstery store and laid eyes on the very vibrant colors and rich texture of the fabric. I just simply went for the fabrics that exuded an Eastern fantasy with rich saturated colors.

If you could have any celebrity spokes model, who would it be?

I want someone who embodies the craziness that is fashion and can with time , withstand the coming and going of trends. Someone who has the ability to still carry herself/himself through the years. Someone who doesn't stand by the norms of the majority. I want someone like Iris Apfel, an epitome of individualism, someone who is unapologetic in expressing herself through fashion.

Who inspires you the most in fashion? Anyone who stands out?

I actually have no one in particular, but I'm always, always inspired by grandparents. How they can effortlessly put-together a look, how they're always dress to the nines on normal occasion. It's the thought, that it's just like any other day, but from an outside perspective it looks like a well-planned, well-thought ensemble, that gets me.

If given the chance, which local designer(s) would you want to collaborate with?

If given the chance , I'd really like to put the spotlight on those who are less likely to be thought of first in the design world. I want those who have the potential, but can't fully capitalize on it because of their disability. One example  would be a (dream) collaboration with people who are visually impaired; Have dresses freely hand-painted by them on what the world is to them. It's an unlikely collaboration, but its unlikeness makes it a celebration for everyone especially the innate talent of these individuals. 

What do you think is/are the biggest challenge(s) for new designers coming out today?

It's the fact that now, the number of designers is growing and the opportunity to be creative is diminishing. I think it's fathomable since in this age, nothing is as original. So, to produce something, considerably new is an utmost struggle. 

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