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November 6, 2017

Night of the Freaks!

If freaks be constructed upon us, 
then let freaks, beautiful freaks, fill this world!   

October 28, 2017, Night of the Halloween....  

Halloween, oh where do I begin? The annual celebration of the night of horrors are ought to scare the living. With ghost stories, horror films, and paranormal documentations filling up tv channels, this time of the year is one to spook! But more than its spooky nature, often times Halloween becomes an avenue for people to fully express themselves without the fear of being judged, without the fear of being ostracized for being a freak. I see that power in Halloween. As spooky as its nature is, it has this sense of unifying people for letting their freak flag fly. And I’m one for that.

Just on the 28th of October, I became a witness of a night bombarded by beautiful freaks; freaks embracing their individuality, freaks being fearless, and freaks being their freaky selves. Chunked up in a four-walled hall, with the latest tunes being blasted across the room, it was not only a night meant to spook, but it was also a night everyone embraced their uniqueness. Clad in the most creative, most funky; the sexiest, weirdest costumes everyone became a character of their personality. It was rather fun and encouraging seeing girls in adult versions of Disney princesses, guys in dresses (i.e. a group of men came as the Powerpuff girls), and members of the community I’m apart of- the LGBTQ in the fiercest get-up. It was fun in a sense that everyone got out of their way to be fully creative, tapped into their resources to meet an aspired look or character. Encouraging in a way, that everyone just doesn’t give a shit of what people have to say; be it guys in dresses, girls in obscene clothing, people being individuals, and individuals being unique. No one just seems to care what you are or who you are for as long as you enjoy the night. Sad how in reality our world isn’t like that and if I could only wish for a year filled with nights of Halloween I would. No! Not to spook or to scare, but so everyone could live a life of liberty and expression, without being casted as a certain stereotype or being judged in general. If freaks be constructed upon us, then let freaks, beautiful freaks, fill this world!    


Pierre Lindsey



 Pierre Lindsey

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