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November 18, 2017

Dazzle (In Stripes)

As a child of the millennia, 
I can’t help but inevitably compare myself to others. 
May it be how they project theirs lives online or its actuality. 
It’s inevitable.

It’s been almost a month since I officially graduated from college and there’s been nothing going on with life thus far. I’ve chosen to lock myself in the walls of my reserve for whatever reason I can come up with, be it: 1.) Being financially broken because there’s no more allowance to depend on, 2.) Or  the laziness eating me up— to go out or even to look for a job, 3.) Or because getting in my head sometimes leads to socially isolating myself, thus opting to bore myself within my halls. Over the time being, I’ve had thoughts about my life in the mere present. It’s a scary thought since I’m not getting any younger; hours, days, years pass and I find myself underachieving, or not achieving at all. It’s a lot of pressure to put myself into, but at times it's where I'd find solace with.

As a child of the millennia, I can’t help but inevitably compare myself to others. May it be how they project theirs lives online or its actuality. No matter how hard I try to convince myself, I find it inevitable. I see twenty—year old millionaires, under twenty-fives achieving something noble, and occasionally see a 30 under 30 list. At such young ages these people have somehow, someway managed to make themselves great. I’d just sit back, sit in silence, and ask myself “what the hell am I doing with my life?”. Really, I do. I’m turning twenty-two next year and I have gravely achieved anything in life, aside from the fact that I’ve finished school, of which I'm so proud of still. 

They say you don’t rush the achievements you aspire to accomplish in life. That it comes at the right time, the right moment- and these are things we’re unaware of. They say achieving something in life has no age, that you can do so at 20 or 30, or even still at 40 or 50. Age is just a number, an idea, age is what we make stress of. As much as I’d like to not stress myself of my age or my achievements for that matter- or the lack thereof, I can’t. I just can’t. With each passing day that bears news of unfortunate events, like deaths of people at such young ages, you just can’t help but think you really have no control over time. That thought alone adds more to the stress of achieving something in life at such early stage. It is especially hard when you have such belief in your greatness, that you know you are capable of so much more and you want to be able to reach out to so many. That's why, at such a young age I pressure myself to achieve something more, something great.

I’m a twenty-one year –old striving blogger, with little-to-no success in this field and I choose to continually persevere and pressure myself to be better and be successful. And I believe that it’s OK to fill myself of pressure at such a young age in order to get to where I want in life. It’s OK to bombard myself of the stress of achieving something at such young age. Point is, achievements are subjective, 
what I think are not achievements maybe are to you. And that, if I don't feel like I'm doing anything valuable, it's okay to pressure myself in order to do so. And I am certain we all will achieve something, no matter how big or small, in our lives at some point. That we are destined for greatness in our lives, and it solely depends if we wanna go after our greatness.
So achieve and keep on achieving! Dazzle and keep on dazzling!       



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