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October 16, 2017



A post to pay homage to the mess of a room I had when I was diligently complying for my Line Development class (last year). This was more than a year ago, but I can still remember the pressure and nerves devouring me alive as if it was yesterday.

1.) First photo, is of the pattern laid on the fabric for the gown I did for the collection.

2.) Nothing special, just a photo of some of the apparatuses I use.

3 & 4.) (left) The model's measurement and looks pinned to a cork board that guided my sanity as to which one I was working on. (right) An empty rack with an unfinished top bodice. This was actually taken after the day of the submission of collection.

5.) A snippet of my floor then, or as I called it my dumpster. Everything was literally on the floor from pattern papers to scrap fabrics; To the apparatuses and bags; To dirty clothes and hangers all piled on top of each other for dear life.

Oh! How I kinda missed the stress....

To view the full collection, click here.

all photos are taken by yours truly.

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