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August 18, 2017

Ever After!

Over the weekend I skeptically decided to politely crash a wedding. Knowing the uncertainty that was flowing through my body, I made the decision to put-together an outfit just the night before. The reasons being: 1.) I was uninvited (let's put that out there), I was just a substitute for two of my aunts who couldn't make it. 2.) I was unsure what formal wear is for someone who's only crashing the wedding. And 3.) I had no outfit at the ready....

But, thank God I had two spare pants I just got from the seamster a week before, so the only concerns were which pants and what to pair it with. I was adamant with a flounced shirt, but I was indecisive between a multi-colored checkered pants and a gold flare. That's why I spent the entire night before the wedding putting-together the look, starting with adding gathered flounces at the hem of a short-sleeved button-up. Then, going back and forth with changing into the checkered and gold pants for that assurance. While doing so, certainty slowly showered upon me, I was sure this flounced top I re-did and the gold flare pants perfectly abided the formal dress code they were asking of from their guests. Until came the morning of the wedding day, when I felt slightly overdressed knowing I was just crashing the wedding. So, I went with with the multi-colored checkered pants (as photographed above). Appropriate but not over the top for someone not on the invitation.

Here's what I've learned from having gone through the experience. So if you're planning to crash a wedding or you were asked to proxy for someone, here are two things you need to know on what to wear:

1. Always dress accordingly! 
dress codes have their purpose in the invites, they are ought to be followed. So when the couple asks for you to dress formal, dress formal.

2. Try not to stand out as much!
This day was meant and intended for the couple, so give it to them. Find the balance between dressing accordingly and not standing out. We're all aware your name's not on the invitation, so there's no need to go all out.

 Albeit not really being invited, I'm sending out my congratulations and best wishes to Zac and Monica Lee. Wishing you both a happy married life.

top Re-done/ Thrift | pants Custom Made | shoes Forever 21 | clutch Vintage

photographed by: Mandy Suzara


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