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July 9, 2017


Inspiration, enthusiasm, and passion for art.

On the 17th of March 2017, dreams became realities. Concepts materialize. And most notably, efforts paid off. This show highlighted the abundance of creative potential from all fourth year students.

Estro: Inspiration. Enthusiasm. And Passion for art.

Estro became an avenue for us to become artists, it gave us an opportunity to revel with the medium of art through fashion. It enabled our creativity beyond depths imaginable. They always say fashion isn't art, I say in greater moments it is. Estro can be a testament to that. Pistachio shells, glue gun sticks, to name a few elements that don't necessarily conform to fashion but were made plausible through thorough research. Estro navigated a stationary mindset to a more enriched disposition, proving that those unreachable can be grasped. That "all" is categorized under fashion. No discrimination. This show proved of the abundance of inspiration, magnified the relevance of the irrelevant, and foregrounded the beauty of the obscure. Estro ignited flames. Invigorated lost yearnings. It became a show that didn't only showcase the craftsmanship of (us) students, but also the passion that were tested through struggles. A year in fashion is a lot, four years is a lifetime. And it doesn't end there, for passion is perennial.

Now, it's been four months since and I'd like this post to show the magnitude of appreciation I have towards this batch. They say first impressions last, I say otherwise. Batch 2017 proved to be rebels with a cause, designers with a heart, and for whoever they will become in the coming years, they proved to be people with purpose.



photos from: Harold Yu
                    Rabie Pogoy 

lay out by: Pierre Lindsey


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