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June 12, 2017

The Bowl Headed X Little Jun Jun

 We can openly wear what we want, 
when we want in this millennia and not give a damn.

In a world of slaved mainstream idiocracy, it is refreshing to know someone who share the same interests or share the same passion. One who strides away from the norms created by a society intimidated by queer presence. Or the one who bends the rules of strict gender-dressing. Even the one who breaks walls of divide on what should be for men and women. These are what Jun of and I, tried to foreground with this style swap collaboration. That, we can openly wear what we want, when we want in this millennia and not give a damn. What's 2017 for, after all?

For this collaboration, Jun and I firmly chose a look from each other that we both styled, and tried to independently interpret with our flair, to our own accord. Fun and exciting would be understatements, as it was deliberately beyond a joyous affair. 

Jun picked a look I styled for Valentine's back in 2016 (Hearts Out, Dungarees In). The look consisted, to me, of pieces that connotes of classic effervescence, albeit its' simplicity. Jun approached it with more effortlessness, opting to drop one side of the sleeve for a more "I don't give a sht!" kind of vibe. 

I, on the other hand, chose a look that embodied Jun's effortlessness- an oversized t-shirt and a pair of high-waisted shorts. While he did it with more laid-backness, I decided to drench myself with things close to unnecessary: A pair of black gloves and a choker that hugged my neck almost too tight. My attempt was too give a look that was meant for any day-errands shift/ or any model's off duty outfit, an update that can be worn at any night outs or more so.

on Jun:

top Zara | dungaree Thrift  choker DIY

on me:

top Pierre Lindsey | shorts Thrift | shoes Forever 21 | gloves Pierre Lindsey | cap Adidas 

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