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June 8, 2017

Down South

In the Southern soils of the island.  

Cebu is a small island of vast wonders, an island that equally balances the urban and island life. When most is faced with the constant bombardment of inevitable pandemonium in the metro, it leads to out of town trips. While I have not fully explored the wondrous beauty of my hometown, I'd bet that most of Cebu's wonders lie in the southern soils of the island. It's an infinity of activities for the spirit of those seeking adventures. One can satisfy their Lechon cravings in Carcar, enrich their spiritual relationship in Simala; Or one can also live to enjoy the serene beaches of Oslob, or witness the magnificence of the waterfalls in Badian. There's so much for one to enjoy and for one to live with. 

On a sunny Saturday morning, we drove off with certainty in our direction to feeling like it was an endless road trip. But all the while, after having slept uncomfortably in the front seat of the car, I awoke with the grandiose scenery of greens and blues flashing as we drive by kilometers. Glistening waters of the ocean, dancing trees on my horizon, I said "this is what summer looks like" and it felt gratifying. As we drive by numbers of trees and landscapes, all I could do was snap at the urge of my enthusiasm. I didn't mind I was inside a moving car, I didn't mind the composition, all I cared about was getting shots of these sceneries. Hours of appreciating then turned to hours of wondering, raising questions like "are we there yet?" Or "how close are we?". All we could do was depend on how far more we are from the destined falls, to a navigating app that said how many more minutes and kilometers. It was definitely odysseus. But the long trip made me see Cebu in a different perspective, literally, a different one because of the unfamiliar path we took. It was cold, quiet, tranquil, peaceful, far from what I am used to. 

As soon as we got to Kawasan (in Badian), "finally!" echoed and excitement beamed from everyone. At that very moment, excitement was ephemeral knowing that we still have to take another odysseus trip by feet this time before getting to the falls. From the first few minutes, I didn't mind as I was enjoying myself with all the views that I got to pass by. Then, I realize how exhausting it was and how inappropriate what I wore was. A white t-shirt, a high-waisted pants that I forced myself into (pictured above), and a pair of slippers. Thank God I brought slippers, if I hadn't I'd be walking in a pair of black ankle boots looking like I was going to the wrong place, as people were skimpy and I was covered. But to my defense, it was totally unplanned. After buckets of sweats and numerous exhales, an image of a postcard-perfect Kawasan falls emerged into my sight. It was breathtaking. The last time I got to see the falls in person was when I was eleven years old, and ten years later it's still as majestic. I just gazed in amazement at how beautiful it was, I wished I brought extra clothes so I could have dove in the Kawasan waters but no, so I just took the time and appreciate its' beauty. I just sat still in the table we rented taking an immense amount of photos of the same view, with my mom beside me. Kawasan was everything and more. The trip was both gratifying and exhausting. 

This is why we live. To see places beyond our eyes can grasp. 
So live to see. Live to experience. 

P.S: Next time, I'll just bring beach-appropriate garb, incase. *Wink emoji*

top Jockey | pants Thrift | shoes H&M


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