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May 13, 2017

The Backpack For Me

"The premise of this endeavor was to provide a bag 
that fully capitalized on practicality, without having to sacrifice design."

Summer has a way of showing us of things we never thought we needed. It has its' way of persuading us to get it or even get into it. For this summer, aside from constantly pushing myself to be productive, I've found myself caught in a middle of a shallow dilemma. For long trips, weekend getaways, or short vacays it all comes down to the question "What bag should I pack with?". I usually shy away from huge single bags and instead opt to carry multiple of bags. Totally impractical, but the thought of always looking put-together or the least, stylish always get to me. You can't really blame the #FashionSlave in me, right?

Oddly enough, there's one bag that embodies a sense of practicality that I always overlook or at least try to overlook- and those are backpacks. Backpacks, at least for me convey this type of masculinity and athleticism if not taken the more fashion and stylish route. And maybe that is why I always try to single-handedly over look backpacks from my choices, even though I know there's so much comfort that bears with it.

I have had a long history with backpacks, I used to own a couple before until they all vanish into the forgotten. Since then, while trying to fully discover my style, I've kind of pushed that type of bag to the side assuming I can't fully express my style with it. But with new tides coming to shore, times have greatly changed. I decided it was about time to put an end to the stigma I've built myself, so I decided to indulge to a bag preferred for athleticism, travels, and practicality. Yes! I have found the willingness (in me) to backpack around the city with nothing but comfort and ease in mind. The premise of this endeavor was to provide (myself) a bag that fully capitalized on practicality, without having to sacrifice design.

It was equally a joyful and exciting process to be immersed in. From swatching the perfect fabric be fit my personality and of course this season, to analytically considering my needs for the interior design of this backpack. Now that everything has materialized, I am beyond elated to know that when going on travel, looking put-together is now less of the concern. So here I am now, in full surrender for the many possibilities of bag options that now include backpacks. 

top Pierre Lindsey
shorts Thrift
bag Pierre Lindsey


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