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April 21, 2017

Five, After Midnight

Five AMs strike a chord in my existence,
for it always presents itself as a blessing 
I should never take for granted

Finally, summer! 

Blue waters, pink skies; Sun-tanned skins and golden dews. This is the season we all lust for, the season we can all be blas√© and everyone will just resort to the thought that we're at the prime of our comfort.  The season we can all enjoy a little. The season we can embrace life fully.

As exhaustion suggests, we need scenic escapes to help invigorate what we think about life. Why we live life? I'm always brought to the disposition that life is a grandiose blessing at solemn times of my dawned solitude. It always strikes a chord, five AMs strike a chord in my existence, for it always presents itself as a blessing I should never take for granted; It has its' way of humbling me down whilst trying to live life ardently. And as for someone who's considerably a nocturne, the chances of seeing the sun rise are at a low. Especially now with the occurrence of my sleeping pattern back again at an unfortunate state, enjoying the morn is at a rare. And to see one is a gift, a gift I always cherish, something I always treasure. Whenever I get the chance, witnessing the sun rise at five AM is more than a must. There's something about it that's of comfort, a quiet time in a day about to be bombarded by inevitable pandemonium. It allows me to grasp every second I'm living. Five AMs make me see life more than in retrospect, it makes me see life as it is.

Five AMs reify why we all live life. It's the time we see the sun rise, it's the time we see why we are all so lucky. Lucky in a sense, we get to experience these things some others can't, some others haven't, and some others won't. The experiences of life itself. And if these segmented hours were pills, I'd happily take five AMs each day to provide my system the sense of life and the sense to live.

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