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April 1, 2017

Bishop's Night

For summer's entirety, 
I'm planning to make "Read Chapter 1 of book" and 
"create content for blog" as my main itineraries.

With humidity diminishing its' intensity and weather forecasts proposing a cloudy state, we become oblivious of the fact that it actually is summer (in the Philippines). But, I guess it's safe to say that it has already begun now that we're all  free from school works and deadlines, it officially is the start of summer.

I can only pat myself on the back with a beaming smile, bonded with a huge sigh of relief and say, "you've done it again, you've survived yet another year". Whilst others are busy complying the last few requirements needed for their hard-bound thesis books and getting their academic gowns ready, I on the other end is busy filling up my planner with events that revolve around finishing my incomplete thesis and the needs of this blog. For summer's entirety, I'm planning to make "Read Chapter 1 of book" and "create content for blog" as my main itineraries. A slow but steadfast progress to accomplishing the ultimate summer goal: be progressive. This year, I'd like to (somehow) disassociate myself to summer in order to fully capitalize on the time and make use of it as a venue to generate more information to a lackluster study. With my father already giving me an online warning that I can't just go on trip-willing, with the exception of family days, it's already a sign that I'll have to (somehow) sacrifice a little. HA! Sounds too superficial, but I'll try and I'm trying with the help of a planner to motivate me on a daily basis to actually work. I guess it's not that hard, right? I'll just assign a task on a day and comply each until these small efforts make up for the bigger picture.

And because I have already opened summer in this blog, let me bring you back to when it was kicked off- with the graduation ball of our department. A graduation ball in Cebu, is a gathering of all college graduating students from different block sections of different programs, to celebrate the efforts made by all in the four or more years in the academe. It's simply a celebration for those who are about to leave the university. Students are generally clad in the most sparkling gowns and dashing suits and just tend to look their best in a night of celebration. While others prepare weeks before, I only had a night to do so, out of indecisiveness. I had no idea what to wear up until the midnight of the day before the said event. I opted for two outfits I have already worn in the past (one just recently) and just seamlessly layered them together to create a different look. Point is: Layering has the ability to change how an outfit will look and I strongly believe that in my case it's best exemplified with this look.

red bishop-sleeved top similar here

hair done  by Jeanom Ursua

photo by Karen Sasil


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