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March 26, 2017

X / V: Unprecedented Tropics

"It's not the conventional idea that can be related to tropics, 
it's simply unprecedented."

We have finally come to this point- out of the black and white imagery teasers, the whole collection in full vibrant colors. I couldn't be more elated to have shared this journey with you guys. We started the first of the series, July of last year, and now here we are nine long months later, I think it's about time to unveil this collection after a tumultuous year that has been. With tears shed and nights turned days, this photo of all the thirteen looks make every effort worthwhile.

I genuinely consider this collection as my redemption after a failed attempt two years ago with my gingham ambition. Driven (last year) with an almost somber confidence and a full understanding of what it is I want to convey as a designer, it has brought me to this tropical indulgence. It was firm I wanted to do something that includes the Hawaiian print, so I did. This thirteen-piece line is more than just being a Hawaiian-print collection, it's more than that. I tried to use this opportunity to evoke the setting of Philippines in terms of fashion.

"In a generalize viewpoint, this collection is a visual representation of a vapid thought I had about Philippines' setting in fashion. How a tropical country like the Philippines can cope with the fast-paced fashion of the western side. It's not an amalgamation of tropical style and different western aesthetics, rather it is an emulated fashion from a colder region to fully materialize the idea of a tropical country emulating western fashion. This collection is all about tropics being in a different setting, a setting that doesn't correlate to its' nature."

That is why I decided to call this collection: Unprecedented Tropics, it's something you'd never think could be possible for a tropical print. It's not the conventional idea that can be related to tropics, it's simply unprecedented.

- P I E R R E / L I N D S E Y -

Ilene, Model's Association of Cebu
Eleksander, Shutter Models

Dan Douglas Ong

hair and makeup
Alyssa Gantuangco


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