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February 1, 2017

Year Three

"But more than all the acquired morals 
from the previous year post, 
is the realization that sometimes 
it's ok to compromise."

Third Year Anniversary

It's been quite a hell of a ride getting here: with an almost somber run- blog wise, an inclination to inconsistency, and a troubled personal life, there's so much to gratify, than just a three-year milestone.

Amidst a chaotic setting, bombarded by deadlines and what ifs, I've taken a humble amount of my time to sit down and materialize a post that has become mundane every year. I was about to concede to the thought of skipping this year, for reasons I'd like to suppress. But the feeling of having an obligation ran me over, pushing me to still create a content to celebrate another year. It's a huge set back from last year's post. With lessons learned and priorities set, I've decided to make this year an intimate shoot between my tripod and I. Set in a small room, with meters of gold fabric nailed to the wall, and a three-shaped balloon, this year is a stripped back extravagance from last year's wrecked attempt. 

But more than all the acquired morals from the previous year post, is the realization that sometimes it's ok to compromise. To compromise the whole idea. To compromise the general concept. To compromise, for a simpler and more practical post. For as long as I get to fulfill a similar vision, it should fill my heart's content. 

But as mentioned, this is more than the gratification of a three-year milestone. There is so much to be thankful for: first, the constant support I get from the people who continually read my blog- the friends I know and the people who occasionally visit, thank you. Second, for the continued growth of this blog, that has brought so much change in my esteem, which brings me to the the third, for the continued growth of my person- to being better and to continue being better (at the things I do and will choose to do). Lastly, for just making it to another year. #YearThree

Sometimes, it's not really about how much you've put out in order to get to the things you aspire. Instead, it's with how you make use of your resources to get to where your vision sets. I am more than privileged to still be able to do, one of the things, I'm passionate about and to be able to do it on a level that reaches out to people unknown to me, it humbles my heart in anyway. To those I've inspired in one way or another, NO! you inspire me to push further. So, thank you! 

Now, on to the next Bowl Headed year.

styling & photography
Pierre Lindsey

Look 1:
top Pierre Lindsey 
pants Levi's 
cap Adidas

Look 2:
choker Parfois
see-through top and slip-on top Thrift 
culottes Vintage 
boots H&M

Look 3:
cap Adidas 
choker DIY 
shirt Thrift 
slip-on dress SM Woman 
jacket Nike 
pants Levi's 
boots H&M


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