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February 27, 2017

X / IV

A catch up of the series "X".
Pardon, the tardiness of this post.

Packed with two different bags filled with styling necessities and all twelve looks in six separate garment bags, the day was more elated than pressured. I was mostly filled with enthusiasm and eagerness to get on with my shoot- for this, I consider to be the culmination of my hard work from the previous semester.

It was on the sixth day of December of last year, when everything materialize. From a pegged moodboard, to a visioned idea, everything unfolded as if it was fresh from a dream. Highlighters, lip glosses, hair pins of two metallic shades; a printed lookbook of Lanvin's Resort 2016 as inspiration for the mood, a list of all the looks as guide for the flow, all to achieve an aspired-rawness for the shoot.

But, not all is as dreamy as said.

Prior to the day of the photoshoot, I had taken the time to carefully style each of the looks. How each of them should be made arresting for the mass, although incapable of telling a story, but to an extent of generating appreciation. The master plan was, to juxtapose. Juxtapose the femininity with tiers of leather belts. Juxtapose the Hawaiian prints with the edginess of black heeled shoes. Ideally, this lookbook presentation was set to counteract the standard the norm has created in the industry. That it's okay to stride away from an impalpable definition of being "on trend". That you can set your own trends to your own accord, as cliche as that gets.

In the end, it all boils down to how much satisfaction this collection brought to me, the rest should be secondary. But if my bothered conscience should insist, for as long as those people in parallel with my taste, get the idea I'm trying to evoke- then I should be good.


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