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January 2, 2017

New Year!

Second series to a long line of
Holiday Editorials.
Two unprecedented models,
and what the New Year mean to them....

"I used to think that New Year is a time wherein, you lay out all your new plans in life 'cause you feel like you have to start fresh or literally because it's another year and in some ways it's another start. But you know what? We're blinded by that concept and some of us or maybe most of us, still haven't accomplished the goals we planned out from the previous years. We don't have to rush into new things into our lives, just because other people follow that trend on social media websites, that you have to post that "new year, new me" thing and sometimes you feel like you need to have the urge to post something. Basically, I think that New Year is just another year for me to continue the things I still want to reach as long as it makes me happy and as long as I am staying true to myself."

"It is not just basically about new beginnings, but more on focusing to continue doing the things that made me happy in the previous years. Lindsay Eagar, the author of the book Hour of the Bees said, “Stories don't end, they just turn into new beginnings."  This saying is a reminder that it is never too late to make things right. New Year to me is the time to be full of love, happiness, joy, and blessings. It is also a battle; It is making mistakes and learning from them. I hope that in this year 2017, people make mistakes. Because if we make mistakes, we are learning, discovering, changing, and living. Make mistakes everyday!"

With 364 days now behind us and another set ahead of us, it is to no surprise, New Years bring in a kind of exultation to people. With colorful fireworks dancing in the night skies and people of ages fill the streets with merry greetings of "Happy New Year!", this holiday compensates for a year of every which way.

But more than the next 364 days we so look forward to, one of the most anticipated and greatly practiced during this holiday is the resolution. The settlement of one's problems, with others or even with self. Some, they create lists, long lists of things or traits they want changed for the new year. At times, I think New Years might be the most cliched excuse for someone to try to better themselves. Ideally, it should, as it stresses "New Beginnings", but more than what new beginnings impose are the repercussions of your slain promises on the previous years. But there's no shame with that. I'm not gonna lie, I've had my share of years of vain resolutions. The good thing is, you get to acknowledge the uglier side of your person. The downside? It often ends abruptly, without you even realizing that you've made commitments with yourself for the year. 

One thing I've greatly noticed with having to make yearly resolutions, is the sense of fulfillment it gives, the joy it brings to the person (so who am I to rain on your parade, if resolutions are your main thing every year start?). I also had a moment of fulfillment, my fair share with resolutions,  for noticing the things wrong in me back in the days, when it felt obligatory to enumerate your human errors to start a new, each passing year.

To name a few in my list, were:
  1. To stop being late and start being on time
  2. Wake up before the sun has risen 
  3. Try to be at most times independent
  4. Eat less, Move more (move as in regards with something physical)

My list started to become a personal bucket-list of self-empowerment to being better. The first time I had made it, it felt rather good. The times that succeeded after, started to become unconvincing. So for years, I've talked myself to, from then on, excuse myself from years of broken resolution promises. Instead, I have learned to just accept the year as it is, or myself for that matter and let it be. If I'll get better or be far worse than I already am, just let it be. It's all part of all the things beautiful in me within the 364 days given.

So, if you'll ask me: What the New Year means to me, now?

It simply means, another year. Another year to do wild endeavors. Another year to push for the stars. Another year of unconditional love from people around me. And most importantly, another year to just keep being myself.


Mandy Suzara (@mandysuzara)
              Mischelle Divinagracia (@mischellicious)

makeup, styling & photography:
Pierre Lindsey 

Look 1 (5th photo): 
on Mandy: top Vintage | dress Thrift | shoes H&M | choker DIY
on Mischelle: cover-up Vintage | top Thrift | shoes Adidas Stan Smith | choker DIY

Look 2 (10th photo):
on Mandy: blazer Thrift | top Thrift | shoes So Fab! | choker DIY
on Mischelle: top Thrift | pants Pierre Lindsey | shoes H&M | choker DIY


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