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December 31, 2016

It Was 2016!

2016 offered a multitude of invigorating variants: 
from Gucci, to Vetements. 
Fashion this year had more stars shining 
than in a cloudy night sky.
Right before the year ends hours from now, I think it's befitting to pay homage to the year that was in fashion. 2016 offered a multitude of invigorating variants: from Gucci, to Vetements. Fashion this year had more stars shining than in a cloudy night sky.

For each label, there's a certain fashion or style that made each of them arresting. Certain ways of dressing, certain pieces. For 2016 designers amped up their fashion games. But let's give credit, where credit is due. Some we owe to the stylists' incomparable ingenuity.

As this look pays homage to the year that was in fashion, let's take note of this year's fashion highlights that I took as  inspirations for this look that I've put together:

The Gucci fur-muled loafers, which became a sensational prerequisite to being 'it'. Then, Balenciaga's outerwear worn off the shoulder, spearheaded by Demna and Lotta, during the former's debut at the house. Also, we have Vetements for ideally making cropped pants look really fucking cool. And of course, we thank street style stars for the resurgence of two 90's fad, that's slowly becoming a classic for my liking- the choker and the slip-on dress.

As we're closing another year behind us, let us all look back at all that's at the rear with pride and enthusiasm, while also looking forward for what's to come with excitement and vigor. Fashion is as unpredictable as it gets, it's all in the wise words of Heidi Klum: "One day you're in, the next day you're out." So for now, let us all revel with these common trends and celebrate the New Year as it goes by.


top Tropikal Relik | slip on dress Sogo | polo Vintage | pants Penshoppe | shoes Zevida


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