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December 16, 2016


"Deep down the no-stress facade 
is a student cramming and freaking out over things to do...."

It's been both a gleefully and stressful month that passed. In a way, having been able to successfully defend my line and comply the necessary revisions, is an utmost form of happiness. But of course, it always had to be short-termed, with an almost somber semestral break, duties came ramming in. And I can only comprehend its' being mundane, especially that I'm on my last year as a student to the academe. Although, dubbed to be the most stressful out of the four years, I'm taking my last with an almost blase approach. Chill. As they would say. But deep down the no-stress facade is a student cramming and freaking out over things to do, things piling up with deadlines passing by. 

 There's a thesis that needs a ton of work- rework actually. Beginning with a scrap down-editing of a chapter, also the need to create seven pieces of garment to go with it. Then there are minors who demand projects like they are the only subject I'm taking, for real, calm yo tits! With all that needs compliance, some are left at negligence. Also, I can't help but compromise to the "needs" of professors who are adamant with their workloads and deadlines. Professors who feed their time, and most evidently their egos, with trying to consume most of our workloads- maybe it's something satisfying to them. I can't help but compromise.

As much as I'd like to consider myself chill, it always contradicts my student load, which is bombarded by deadlines and an exhausting minor, scheduled late at 6:00 PM. So, despite the absolute need to put on some shades and look like I don't give a shit, I can't. Because, an academe that's almost so anti-chill, makes you give up on the word itself.

choker DIY | dungaree Thrift | boots H&M



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