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August 17, 2016

X / II

A nocturnal would be best to describe me:
Always in rhythm between the lazy hours 
of midnight and dawn, 
the only time I find myself more productive 
and conducive to getting results.
 Over the weeks, I discovered how all things are possible for me. How spending a night with gathering a biased denim is possible. How sewing a lining can be done with someone who has almost no at-hand experience with it. And how sleeping at 5:00 AM everyday is plausible to create progress. Can I say I'm tired? Yes! But my curiosity with the end-result is almost unbearable.

 As for this collection, we are well on our way to defending all twelve pieces, I'm scheduled on the forth of October and the second person of the day. Fortunately, not the very last. Still, it's cliche, I feel the same kind of fright from last year. And now that we're half-way through, I was bombarded with the conclusion that most skirts and dresses at the hip part eerily fit the model- well, thank God for pins, there's not much to deseam, but still a lot to re-do.
Anyway, here's a snippet (presumably a run-down) of what took place during our model's fitting. It was equally fun and de-stressing in a way, yet overtly a daunting task, as all flaws made with all the pieces surfaced. And as student designers, one thing has got to be on the forefront- the readiness to accept mistakes and changes (and edits and re-dos and doing patterns and lays all over again).

August 4, 2016 (Thursday): Model Fitting.

6:00 PM-
Went to visit the seamstress and asked the progress of my designs. Almost, is the answer I got, but still a satisfying answer. Then, rushed my way to the famous fast food known for its' golden arches, as the meeting place. 
6:30 PM
Arrived at the place to meet-up with the model. I rushed inside and targeted the stairs for an attempt to see if all of my group mate's we're already there. I was stopped by a call of my name, "Pierre!" shouted a mellow-toned voice, I looked back and checked who it was calling me and it was our model- Jacqueline. 
By this time, I was already thirty minutes late from the planned schedule and was greeted with the news that no member of the group has arrived yet.
  We then both said our 'hi's!' and after, I seated myself. 
6:35 PM
In Filipino time, it's dinner, so I waltz my way to the counter of the fast food and patiently waited for my turn to order. And in chronological order, right after the order was made, I dove in and devoured my dinner in tiny bites partnered with talks to the model.
6:50 PM
The rest of the group arrived. I raised my hand, consciously waving it from left to right with a huge gleaming smile on my face. I greeted everyone with Hi's amidst the chaotic noise of the working background, then they reciprocated. 

6:55 PM-
With the sight of me eating, the rest of the group made their way to the counter and ordered their respective dinners. Knowing, how already late it was for dinner.
7:00 PM
They have finished ordering their dinner, so we decided it was time to get to the actual place for the fitting. 
The rest of the night was spent with changing the model with approximately thirty different looks. Sounds tedious  to be honest. And the out pour of realizations that there is still so much to do then followed.      


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