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August 31, 2016

Sleep Deprived, But Still Alive

It was more of an escape 
from a body-clock completely reversed over time.
 An escape to remind myself 
that there is still such a thing called 'day'.
Although, not really deprived, I'd like to heavily consider myself as one for the greater purpose of sounding like a hard-working student. Weeks of constantly working through midnight until dawn, I have considered myself an enemy of the night and a friend of the rising sun. It's become a nature that I spend the 'rest of the day' (although, technically the start of a new), working on school works until I feel like it's time to doze off. I have shied away from the fact that I may be insomniac, but with hurdling deadlines it may be a good excuse not to consider the disorder, rather just the need to comply.

So, in an attempt to feel like I still have a life, I took a breather. A breather to the northern part of Cebu. A much needed resuscitation with the sight of the ocean and a warm fresh breeze. For a day, all worries surrounding my student life vanished at the scent of the salted-waters and for a day I felt liberated from all stress. It was refreshing to see different things, aside from tracing papers, needles, threads, etcetera. Perhaps, I needed it more physically, than mentally. As it was more of an escape from a body-clock completely reversed over time. It was an escape to remind myself that there is still such a thing called 'day' and that not every part of my life should revolve around the nuisance of my lazy self working at night.

Packed with irony, I chose to completely go against the weather and dress up in this thrifted sweater to the blue waters, as it was incumbent with the line I am working on and the environment I was in. Although cotton, it was still a very heavy fabric, presumably made for the wintertide and not the tropics. But the colors and print say otherwise, it was a true representation of what the tropics look like when dissected into colors and in true irreverence I gave in. Maybe, I just needed to see more colors out of the usual repeating patterns I have been wallowing in. And maybe, I just needed a reason to go out and breathe, because after this, for all I know it's the deadline and time is up.

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