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August 12, 2016

As much as being in bed

Lately, with minimalism completely out the window and the rise of blatantly mixing every print or if not, exaggerating every proportions, my style has slowly lingered to the irreverence of fashion. Yes, it's the start of yet another revolt. From pairing stripes to tartan, to floral or tropical prints, and to dressing down everything with cropped jeans. It may not be as revolutionary as when Chanel freed every girl from having their waists cinched, but it's still a modern day revolution. There is something in their essence that is raw and that I can't quite well explain. It's there. And I'm for it. 

How my style now is influenced by two designers shaking the grounds of fashion, is not something to be questioned. Consider it rhetorical when I ask who influenced me? apart from the usual and obvious 'grandparents'. It's safe to say that they have revolutionized fashion from an idle state of minimalism and brought back its' vigor with prints and ostentatious detailing. Demna Gvasalia and Alessandro Michele, is to be admired, not for how they have changed the game of fashion, nor for making Vetements and Gucci [respectively] an aspirational and coveted houses for their fashions, but for how they have showed the world that someone unknown can impair the industry, with talent and knowledge of what they do.

As much as being in bed all the time and given the fact that for school I'm only subject to go every Tuesdays of every week- slothfulness is inevitable. I have Vetements and Gucci to blame for this sudden urge to look lazy, yet put-together. With that, I have grown a deep desire to slip dresses, that every once in every while, no slip dress is exempted. From those steamy slip-ons from lingerie sections of stores, to actually materializing something from scratch. I'm down for it, it's becoming compulsive. Slip on over a white shirt, slip on with lace-ups, there's so much idea pouring out of me. As for me now, I'm still on the hunt for good-looking slip dresses that works equally good when worn in and out. I might create, thrift, or buy, whatever or wherever for as long as it serves me its' purpose, then I'm completely satisfied. And for my cropped jeans obsession, there's no asking that to increase quantity it's thrift stores I'd resort to, exempting one I pleadingly asked of my father of which he used to wear and is now resurrected into my very own cropped confections. As for my growing obsession with chokers, gone are the cliche velvet options. The more obscure, the better. I have gotten to an extent where thinking of buying a dog collar would be a great option for a choker. I'm yet to get by that store. 

As much as being in bed, I think I have somehow refined the art of how it is to dress towards the slothfulness of fashion and lazy-dressing. My style now revolves mainly around the bedroom, the tropics, and that of a jeans you grew on.

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