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July 2, 2016

X / I

It was a back and forth process,
a process that presumably took me nine months to finalize.
For now: a cluttered desk of swatches and paper-filled designs,
and a board, close-to-empty mood. 
I see myself tucking in swatches of fabrics, keeping receipts, and finalizing patterns and ask myself: "Deja Vu?" No! The actuality of what's happening is twice repeated in history. It's the same thing all over again from last year. The only difference is, I bear with me excitement this time. 

  For the nine months I've spent summer, I've taken the time to really ponder on what collection to do this time. Taking into considerations the unabashedly critical comments yet constructive ones from last year and finding a way to apply it into this anew. It was a whirlwind of ideas, especially having in mind Menswear's Fall 2016. It almost persuasively wanted me to do menswear. AL. MOST. I was very much convinced with my initial ideas on doing genderless fashion, but have thought of how risky it was. So I conceded with the thought. Then came in clashing the idea between doing Hawaiian prints or Pearl-embellished garments. It was pretty much a back and forth process, a process that presumably took me nine months to finalize. So here we are now, on the third week of classes, with Look number four scheduled to be submitted next week. 

Over the course of months to follow, I will be gradually updating you guys with this series I call "X", as I am still uncertain of what to call this collection. We will eventually get there, but for the meantime here's what's on my moodboard and my final swatching.


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