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July 10, 2016


The possibility of saving more while spending more
is not out of the blue as putting both next to each other,
divided by a semi-colon.
Almost everyone loves to hastily spend their money to almost anything and are now never too scared to shell out: from pantry stocks to home necessities, fashion needs or even to things we just buy for the sake of buying. But, if there are fearless spenders, there are also the practicals on the other hand. The ones who abide to lists and are always under restrictive budgets and the ones who seemingly rejoice at seasons for markdowns and sales. I mean, who doesn't? It’s like Christmas, the most beautiful time of the year. 

It's never too wrong to be frugal. Never 

As much as I'd really love to fearlessly spend for once in my existence, I always lean on the tendency to be practical. I love the sight of big red cards that spell out S-A-L-E, much more, I love it when price tags are marked down. But, like any other stores who sale, shopping for clothes online is also a great way to get a steal. Not only because they produce limited, but also of the abundance of flash sales and markdowns online stores have. The frugals deliberately rejoice. 

True enough, exactly the same thing I felt when I found out about this online shopping cashback portal- Shopback. It's just, shopping, getting discounts, and saving monies. In paraphrase: you get good deals from the site's merchants and you get to save more money, I mean, extra money. If you can't quite well decide if you're a fearless spender or a 'fruge', let's assume you're a bit of both: one who loves to spend hastily, but also save, then Shopback is definitely for you. You can shop all you want at discounted prices and have some of your money back. If it's too good for you to believe, then here's an idea as to how Shopback works: Shopback receives a commission from their merchants for the 'refer', instead of keeping all the commissions to themselves they give a percentage back to you. Let's say I want to buy some clothes. If I shop at Zalora through Shopback, I can access exclusive promo codes and up to 12% cashback. That helps me save quite a lot because it’s on top of whatever flash sales Zalora’s already having - and they have a lot! 
 To acquire of this almost-unbelievable cash back method, all you have to do is create an account on Shopback, once done, here are six easy steps for you to get through:
1.       Click at any store (merchants) of your liking that is available on their site. And there is a lot to choose from, from fashion to lifestyle, and even for travel, they got you!
2.      Once at the (preferred) site, shop as you would normally do. Add to cart (for fashion), then just checkout or purchase.
3.      After you've shop, check back after 48 hours your 'pending tab', there you will see your cashback.
4.      It's only after 30-60 days  when your cashback turns 'redeemable', meaning it will have to make sure that the merchants confirms of the order(s) made and that there was no cancellation/return/exchange that took place.
5.      Check under 'Redeemable Tab': Once you've reached Php 300.00 of redeemable cashback you can then request for payout.
6.      Check under 'Bonus Tab': You can only cash out your 'Bonus' once your Redeemable Cashback reaches Php 300.00.
*you can cash out your cashback to any of your bank accounts or paypal account. 

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