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June 25, 2016

Wear Your Capital

If you ever find yourself stuck within this fictive world, 
never shy away from wearing your own capital.
In this time and age of entrepreneurs and self-made millionaires, whose cash flows are about as abundant as those established, the need to know the basics of marketing is anything but unnecessary. Product, Price, Place, and Promotion can roughly sum up the whole point of all Marketing endeavors-- the basic four P's of Marketing as they call it. It makes the whole lot of trying to put your merchandise out there much easier.

But how easy is easy when marketing a brand to a broader audience? I say not so. For a final project two semesters ago, we were tasked to proficiently market a local brand here in Cebu, albeit the fact of our lack in marketing experience and no-knowledge about the ins and outs of marketing. But as students, we obliged. So for two days, we shot video campaigns and ad campaigns simultaneously for the brand, Shirt Capital, featuring their shirts . Shirt Capital, is a t-shirt brand owned and founded by Lasser Rigor on December 2013 launching it's first tee- "The Chief". The concept behind this t-shirt brand, and what makes it different, is its' idea that each design will form one community under one capital (thus, Shirt Capital).

"The chief as a head, the beautiful disguise as the villain, then there’s the wild summer for the change of season, the good boy, and the cool kids."    

For the shoot, the idea we had was the coming together of the misfits and how they found solace with each other. It was a really cliche and middle-school concept, think The Breakfast Club. But, it's the story that suited best with the concept and idea behind the brand.  It was definitely hard trying to materialize what you have dubiously planned for weeks. But, everything became worthwhile seeing that under circumstances, the client was made satisfied.
Shirt Capital, offers a unique platform for everyone to choose their own community. A community curated through what shirt you buy and a community of diverse background. It's an open community, and if you ever find yourself stuck within this fictive world, never shy away from wearing your own capital. #WearYourCapital and wear it proud.  

shirts are all Shirt Capital

Risch Andrade, Luke Quismundo,  
Howell Decena, Joey Villahermosa
             Arianne Manquiquis, Nicole Blackman,  
Khyra Adams, Timothy Gigante, Wyndel Senoza
Elgreg Orais 

Myco Vendero

Pierre Lindsey


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