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May 21, 2016

Talk About The 'Bowl'

bio description: Bowl Haircut.
If that even makes sense. 
What makes more sense is the fact that 
I was unaware of the term 'bowl haircut'  then,
so the closest the hair resonated to was with The Beatles.

Our hairs have always been our 'crowning glory', an extension to our personalities of sorts, that without it we would all look vaguely a like. It simply sets us apart from the rest of the norm, that no matter how cliche the trend of do we opt for, it is still ours. Hairs, like fashion come and go; at times there's one preceding hairstyle that is reinvented for the norms of this generation. With its' adaptability, next thing we know everyone is rocking it or everyone is over it. As fast-paced fashion is on a high-- men or women, there is no doubt that everything is almost constantly changing.

As with hairs, one day we see women with long wavy curls, the next, everyone is adorn with the Lob (long bob). With men, what is commonly opted are the ones that show off their manliness. There is the military cut, the undercut, and the different variants of a shaved side and a thick hair above. If stylized we have Mr. Malik, of an infamous boy band to thank for, for the quiff, of which every men is sporting now. It almost seems like a mandatory uniform for hairstyle in this millennia. Especially here in the Philippines, that wherever you look or whoever guy you look at for that matter, is sporting similar hairstyles.

Quiff here.
Quiff there.
Undercut here.
Undercut there.

Although, there's nothing wrong with having to look like a battalion, but for someone who at some instances would beg to differ or be an individual, it got really uninspiring, boring perhaps. It almost felt like I had no identity to begin with, I was just like everyone else. So I made a conscious decision to change do and willingly decided to go back to a hair I once had in my earlier years as a teen. Looking back, I remembered going to my hair dresser (Hi Julius!) and told him that I wanted a different cut this time and it was somehow inspired by the Beatles mullet bob, I was still unaware of the term 'bowl haircut' then so the closest the hair resonated to was with the band's do. Only shorter and more straightly even. After that, it was years of hairstyle experimentation and figuring out what suited me best, until I settled with The Bowl haircut. From then on, it was all about how I projected myself to fashion, how I branded myself to this industry, and more so, how I wanted my friends to identify me as. I mean really, having this hair as an identifier is not only an advantage to me but to them as well. Per say, in a place congested with people, it's easier for my friends to spot where I am because of this hair. I have my hair to thank for that. 

Since we're already talking about advantages, why not talk you through the perks of having a bowl haircut: 

Yes! There are also perks with having a bowl on your head. 

1. It's as practical as it can be. There's not much combing needed with a hair brush, if you're on-the-go, then your hands are good to go. You can just easily straighten the strands by aligning them on an even level. However you want. If you want that polished 'bowl' then make sure not one strand goes above the other. Or if you want a messier 'bowl', just gently brush the under of the 'bowl' upwards. It creates that wind-messed effect or that hair you have when you've just gotten out of bed. Slightly sexy, just slight!

2. It's also versatile. When you feel like going for a more stylized or more formal approach, then simply comb your bangs to the side and apply tons of hairspray to hold it still. It also helps to have a good assistance with a friend or a hairstylist to do the side-swept for you. Though, if you're the do-it-yourself, try doing it after you've gone out the shower, while you hair is still wet comb the bangs to the side and apply hairspray, in hypothesis it will have the same effect. Also, a bowl cut looks good when side-swept.

 In numbers, I've done three side-swept in the history of my bowl haircut and I still want to do more.

3. Lastly, it simply sets you apart from the norm. I mean, when better time to have it than now, especially having seen most men in a quiff, a pompadour, an undercut, all almost looking alike. it's just one those few hairs that not most men are sporting. 

Yes, this post was meant to entirely persuade you to have the hair donned by The Beatles then, most Asians now. If not, consider this as a persuasive article to convince you to be more irreverent and to help you stand still with your individuality. After all, people always say each one of us is unique, so let's revel with our uniqueness and celebrate it each day.

Styling, Makeup, & Photography Pierre Lindsey

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