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April 3, 2016


" ....does not dismay: green high-reaching meadows, vibrant blue skies, ocean waters clear as crystals, truly an island of picturesque quality."
Days are becoming shorter, little do we know it's April- it's summer! March passed and we've had our fair share of April fools pranks on the first of this month, and I think it's righteous to culminate the opening of the season for skimpy bikinis, sun-screened skins, and fancy way to Instagram by the beach, on the beach or even in the beach. 

Let's bring it back to a time on November where we visited a sub-continental land right across Mactan that is no secret to most Cebuanos (or even foreign tourists). After a more or less twenty minute boat ride is the Olango Island, home to a diverse marine sanctuary and what it is famously known for, the bird sanctuary. The island offers a vivid picture of a vast marine wildlife, it is a small island of bountiful tropical angles. Olango Island does not dismay: green high-reaching meadows, vibrant blue skies, ocean waters clear as crystals, truly an island of picturesque quality. If all paradise broke loose and bursted tropical colors into the air, Olango Island is painted in the most saturated hues. I can only gasp in awe at the beauty and the potential of this one thousand thirty-hectare island. As small as this island is, I was not able to fully explore its' corners and depths, but needless to say and as far as first impressions go, it was really breathtaking. There's a certain level of calmness and tranquility that you get to experience first hand at the sight of the ocean blues and it is magical. Magical in a sense, you let yourself feel like you've somehow disappeared from all of reality and for a moment, an abracadabra might just be as soothing as a fresh coconut juice. 

It was a day of unplanned adventure with friends, we had  no clue where to go. It was like a little snippet of a series of unfortunate events. But. With the spontaneity of this one-day vacation, it lead us to this floating hut to accommodate us and our eagerness. It was where the marine sanctuary sits its' water beds and coral reefs at. Although, quite frankly we didn't consider ourselves visitors to the sanctuary (or the beach), it was still a sight and experience we very much enjoyed. If screaming out of fear because jellyfishes try to compete with your swimming is considered an enjoyable experience, then let this attest to the former statement. If taking numbers of really cliche and redundant photographs is a quintessence to being a tourist, then that's what we exactly ended up being. We gave no mercy (as brutal as it sounds) to the scenic landscapes and seascapes of Olango Island. We had more time to spare shooting photos than swimming. And that's the truth. Olango, was a great escape for me. I feel like it has keenly made me open to unexpected possibilities, open to inevitable circumstances, and more importantly, open to myself.

And for one, I'd consider going back to this beautiful paradise and once again immerse at the beauty it restlessly offers. It's beautiful and to a cliche adage that: No words can justify the beauty of this island, then go see for yourself. Trust me you'll enjoy it as much as you'd enjoy looking at shared photos.

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