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April 28, 2016


"Despite its mainstream attention, 
it never failed to impress with its glorious tropics. 
An island congested with coconut trees, white sands, and surrounded by blue waters."

Days have unnoticeably passed since I've left footprints on the sands of Kalanggaman Island. Days of which I've secretly wished I was still there. An island so redundantly hyped, but despite its mainstream attention, it never failed to impress with its glorious tropics. An island congested with coconut trees, white sands, surrounded by blue waters, and now, filled with different memories from different people.

Kalanggaman Island bound.

It took half the day to reach the island: three hours boat ride to the province of Leyte, another two for a road trip to Palompon and forty-five minutes for another boat ride to the shores of  the island. It was a long and draining journey, I guess it was literally a pain in the ass for having to sit constantly through hours. And in retrospect, I didn't mind all the exhaustion my bum has to go through, for all I care was to finally see the beauty of the 'island of the season'-- I'm giving it that title. Packed with clothes for two days and predominantly for Instagram (@thebowlheaded) and this blog, I was more ready to venture into the possibility of getting lost in places to pose at or how to pose even, as oppose to where to swim and wonder what lies in the waterbeds of this island. That's the truth. But in all honesty, I am at a lost for words, mere words aren't enough justification of the beauty of this paradise. I can't keep on saying how beautiful or how glorious this island was, even though it really was. It will all come down to the conclusion that, making the most out of the island by not dwelling into its' habitat, but rather making each moments passed freeze is rather an acceptable argument. After all, it's not everyday you get to go to an island as bountiful as Kalanggaman.

As I look out the window and realize the humidity extending its' rays to my room, I realized what an experience truly it was. Having to sleep in a tent, having to sleep on the sands by the shore under the fullness of the moon; trying to make greater memories by crossing off skinny-dipping off the list, having to wake up at four at dawn to witness the magnificence of the sun rising with its' reflection growing on the waters by the island-- it was golden, it really was. And if there's one thing I'd hope, it's to be back and experience the same things all over again. I wouldn't be tired of it.

All I ever wanted was a photo in a white dress
and have the sandbar as my backdrop. And I got it, plus more.

dress Pierre Lindsey | shorts Thrift | boots H&M

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