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April 9, 2016

Grey Matters

There's always you and the present....
If I’m ever asked what my current status is, I wouldn’t deny the fact that I am idle. 
A change of bio description would benefit the curious minds of family, friends, even strangers.
'It's summertime!'-- Considerably, a good excuse after over extending my vacation after the season of Lent-- no one is ever blasé when summer, mind you. We've been bombarded by the stoic portraits of graduates, we've all come across the infamous April fool's day, and most of all, we've opened our arms (perhaps our closets) for summer. Yes, the season to spend most out in the sun and no one is going to ever argue. 

 It was just after a subconscious thought then I realize I still have things to do for the blog. Things befitting summer that need to see the light of day. So in an obvious testament, I am cramming some posts to lessen the monstrosity of it being overdue.

We're on the month where students are capping off and are well on their way to scoring jobs and securing future, it's only right to talk to you guys a little bit of what's going on-- an update of my life of sorts. In idle moments, where I'm lost in space and just stare blankly into the matter of the Earth, I tend to ask myself this question: What do I plan to do after college? In all honesty, I have no clue. Even at this moment where I'm at an idle disposition, I have no idea what to do with my life. It's scary to think about, it's even scarier knowing I have (another) one year left with college, and after that I'm thrown to the pit and live life as a full-fledged adult.

As curious as I am, I always try to foresee the things I intend to do after shaking the hands of my professors and getting hold of that coveted piece of paper. It's discombobulated; there's me trying to start my own business, or if not me working somewhere that coexists with my acquired skills, or at some extent flying out of the country to start anew. The thought alone sends shivers down my spine, it gets real.

Am I ready?
-- Uncertainty--

But as real as it gets, there's always you and the present. You and and what's going on at the moment. If I’m ever asked what my current status is, I wouldn’t deny the fact that I am idle. A change of bio description would benefit the curious minds of family, friends, even strangers. In concurrency, I am anxiously waiting for the school year to begin again, to take part of yet another hell-bound process of which I greatly missed. In advance, jumping two months ahead from now, here is a look depicting a college stud getting back his life and finding the lost rhythm he was once had of being in college. I've always, always, loved dressing up preppy. The notion it has that gives people a preconceived idea of you being the type who spends most time with books is anything but unnecessary. It's not putting up a fake facade, rather, it is trying to emulate what is not into what should be. I mean come on, I know I'm not the smartest, just give it to me, to let me think I am. It helps motivate.

 My type of preppy has always been the irreverent one. Not the polo shirts type nor the sweater vests type, I've always been about the layers and the collars. And if there's something I'd want to share with you guys about being preppy, it's how to look preppy without really being preppy. So for those fresh-graduates or those in the constant phase of looking for jobs, consider  this a cent from me to you.

So what are the basics of pulling off the preppy style-- according to The Bowl Headed, in the most discourteous manner, that most millionaires with the innate style or those ivy-leagues would have to disagree? here's how:

1. Make sure you're wearing something that has collar-- the bigger the better. It's the best asset any top can have, make sure you close it all the way to the collar as it creates that 'preppy' illusion. If you're cult is the classics then go for white button-ups. You can either have the option to make it classic or go for bigger cuffs and collars. But you can also go for prints, as with me let's say Hawaiian shirts, vintage button-ups with loud prints, something that goes against the white button-up.

2. What creates the whole 'preppy' style are the vests, so make sure you layer your top with a vest. Well, we're not trying to outsmart anyone so don't bore yourself out with common options of what is usually handed. Choose non-conventional vests, for this style option, go for: textures, prints, different types of fabric, do it yourself (e.g cutout the sleeves of a shirt), there's a lot to choose from, just don't go where they usually go.

3. As with the bottoms, have the same mindset as with the other two mentioned earlier. If you opt for trousers, play with the length to make it seem insurgent (e.g culottes, cropped trousers). For the guys: if you want to be as fluid as the gender is today, you can go for skirts, preferably the length that starts below the knee down. Of course, guys and girls can vice versa to make genderless fashion more foregrounded.

4. Well, with the first three suggested we're starting to look smart, but, we wanna be smarter. Wrap everything with a cover-up, be it a blazer, a cardigan, a coat, or whatever you fancy, put it on top of everything. You can either wear it or coat it.

5. And of course, to finish everything, finish with the right pair. It's what you prefer to look mostly matters, if you wanna be a prep but still wants to look athletic then do so by going for some sneakers. But if you, like me, wants to look like an egotistical-conceited-pretentious- *b* then go for the right pair. Either go for leather or some other type, heels or chunks, ankle or beyond, whatever you prefer just make sure you don't go for those redundant black leather shoes that we notably see worn in schools or universities.

I hope with these tips, I get to see more people smart their way up to fashion. Well, it's always up to you, if you will want to listen to a vague-senseless blogger or you wanna do it your way, whatever you choose do it good.

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