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March 12, 2016

Quatro: A Graduation Fashion Show

"Knowing that it's going to be a public-faced event, 
I didn't want to look like as if I'm going somewhere more formal, 
given the fact that most people are clad in their school uniforms and mall go-tos."
Elgreg Orais- An Experimental Study of the Manipulation of Abaca Sinamay Using Draping Technique To Create An Avant-Garde Collection.

Warm to cool tones as lighting for the stage. Four varying music, setting the mood. Four different designers.

But how do I begin to express what I feel? My four years in college flashed right before my very eyes as clothes made and designed by my dear friends paraded on the stage. It just hit on me, two of my friends in college are set and are ready to take on the real world. Four years of bountiful agonizing plates, four years of many nights turned to day, etcetera. But the deal is, from four years ago this is what we all planned and wanted, but from that, two made it possible for our batch. I couldn't be more proud. It was a moment worth celebrating. In fact, I've had my own share of celebration when I saw both of them on stage, tears started to bubble around my eyes and I just couldn't resist the urge to be emotional for my friends.

It was at that moment, when I saw the hard work they've put up for their respective collections pay off. And I consider it a privilege to be at the front row and witness them blossom as the designers they ought to be. In accordance, words of congratulatory as words of encouragement and hugs as gestures of appreciation, then followed.
Myco Vendero- The Application of Paper Filigree as an Embellishment For A Couture Collection.
All four designers deserved their designated awards. Four contrasting thesis studies for fashion with one common denominator, their contribution to the industry. As I was in a middle of an untimely crisis, I was only able to take photos of my friends' collection- disclaimer: it was hard trying to get in the groove with a broken camera and a camera you don't own. With these photos, I consider myself fortunate enough- And I'm deeply sorry I couldn't show the other two.

Elgreg Orais took on "An Experimental Study of the Manipulation of Abaca Sinamay Using Draping Technique To Create An Avant-Garde Collection." I've always known him as the one with the more advanced sewing skills, even more with his willingness to learn new techniques each day. His collection is a true testament of his ability to further his talent and mind you, the drapes and the structures of each piece that went by is beyond what my eyes can grasp. The fluidity of  the drape, the silhouette it creates, and more on. As what I've always remember him say, he takes on femininity with an edgy touch and that day it was more than evident.

On the other hand, Myco Vendero went with "The Application of Paper Filigree As An Embellishment For A Couture Collection." It was visually appealing, more so visually stimulating. The whole Twenties inspiration juxtaposing a mix of Baroque and Cherry blossom-inspired pattern for the embellishment created a rather fulfilling contrast in fashion. The filigree and tassels together were decadent, it created this rich embellishment to a simple silhouette of the Twenties.

  In conclusion, both of different backgrounds in fashion, but both created a collection that delivered to the people.

As per my self-indulgent ego, it had to be somehow an ode to both friends in success. Myco was gracious enough to let me wear this top from his Line Development collection, semester ago. From there the rest stemmed out. A take, I'd say, on Casual Resurgence- in my own vague definition is a form of style in which casual wears are styled casually, but finished in a more ostentatious manner. So yeah, this is me in my casual resurgence. Knowing that it's going to be a public-faced event, I didn't want to look like as if I'm going somewhere more formal, given the fact that most people are clad in their school uniforms and mall go-tos. It was preferably an awkward situation to be in, but I can only care less as the outfit represented the pride I have for my friends and how proud I am of what they have greatly achieved.

Anyway, I'd like to give them once again a much-deserved round of applause- all of them, for a great show. It was a spectacle in the most spectacular way. Being a witness of their journey throughout the years, here's my ample advice for them:

 Dream big and do it big!




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  1. Amazing post! And Looove your outfit as well Both edgy and chic! Yes.

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