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March 5, 2016

Matching in March

In February we leapt; in March we'll "match" to the beat of our own drums....

Hello March!

You made February seem like a week that passed by.... And in retrospect, I'm locked in my room contemplating about the present and the future.

With both hands locked on the keyboard and eyes on the screen, my thought? as empty as my computer post-Shut down.

In layman's term, my life in its' concurrency is: BORING. All caps to evoke and stress the intense quench for recreation. In parallel with my fashion, boring is to laziness (Boring:Laziness) and that's mostly when you see me in Hawaiian prints, disintegrated pants into shorts, and all the plethora of at-home fashion as I came to consider them. 

And if like me your ratio is Boring:Laziness, then might as well invest in pieces that will sweep you off your ratio. Considerably, they are at the other side of the spectrum of this ratio for me; they are probably the most practical, not to mention stylish, and predominantly the easiest pieces you can count on- the matching pieces/ twinsies/ pairs/ or whatever you call it. Mine is not much of an investment as I was fortunate enough to have seen these two lying so miserably behind the dark corners of my Aunt's closet; it was saving they wanted and it's saving they got. And speaking of  "recreating"- curing the need, it is most definitely a challenge to let it give off a much younger vibe with its' corporate quintessence, so what I did? gave in into its' quintessence as I'm sure I'm a granny trapped in a 20-year old's body. Rest assured the youthfulness is given some attention, it's more likely to finish with a pair of Double Stakks and duchess choker all in Noir.

blazer and pants Vintage | shoes Windsorsmith

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