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February 1, 2016

Year Two

"Two years of consciously fixing the bangs 
and trying to even it out 
for the photographic satisfaction 
of my narcissistic self."

Second year anniversary.

Can we just soak that in? Two years is a lot of years. Two long years of unrequited blogging and unsolicited efforts. Two years of consciously fixing the bangs and trying to even it out for the photographic satisfaction of my narcissistic self. But I have no complaints, everything is done for the love and passion of being The Bowl Headed. However, this might be the only time I get out of my usual "bowl" haircut. Slicked and Wet for the love of fresher perspective. I have long thought about doing a perfect time when to do a singular post wherein I'm not in my usual style of hair and that's when it clicked that the second year anniversary would be the best option. Not too soon, not too late. Mind you, this is my hair every time I get out of shower, so it's basically not new to me.

Two years of vague and senseless point-of-view.... 

I am in an uncontrollably empty state, uncertain of what to write. I've already made two drafts of long ass speeches about the hiatus and about what went down with the shoot. I just don't feel overly satisfied with the outcome of the write-up. So here I am, writing in full speed with what I feel at the moment. Right this very day, February first. 

It's always a bliss, a milestone in a monumental perspective that you get to celebrate your blog in years. I've been blogging for quite a long time now (pre-Bowl Headed) and it never seemed to matter until I've finally decided to make it matter. It was a decision I've thoroughly discussed with myself upon jumping from one blog name to another, from one platform to another, that I will settle with a final blog and to make it last for as long as I can. It never dawned on me for the many times I've attempted that I'll end up this long with the same blog. It's exciting and the plethora of happiness is just pouring out of me. I can't begin to thank each one of you as I have no personal identification of each person that reads my blog, but I am more than thankful for the years that went by and your decision to keep coming back is what keeps me going. To all the people who have been apart of a short-lived year, from the editorials I did: the models, designers, hair and makeup artists, thank you so much for taking part of  this wild ambition I always do. You guys, always make everything happen!

And since I am bound to thank people in this post, I am greatly extending my sincerest of thank you to two special girls who have accompanied me throughout this roller coaster of a shoot. They've been there from start to finish. People who epitomizes being there when you fail and when you succeed. Thank you for pushing me to create this content at the extent of going for it or nothing at all. For graciously lending me your time by doing me the favors of your gifted hands. As I have prepared in advance a supposed caption for us, I said there....

     The rain may have poured heavily, but the support 
I felt from you were much stronger. It kept me going.... 

And indeed your support throughout the creation of this content was stronger than the rains that have passed this past week. Thank yous, as spoken words I know are not enough, but in its essence I hope it's more than enough. 

Now, I can only look back at the year with so much gratification. A year filled with delicate memories. Another year that happened for this blog, another year to look back to. As I’ve said before, another set of twelve balloons were inflated. I can only wish for this blog to keep on and may we create more memories together as Bowl Headeds. 

Happy 2nd Anniversary Bowls!! 

Look 1: top H&M | pants Thrift | shoes H&M
Look 2: dress Yours Truly | pants you may have seen it here

Alyssa Gantuangco 

Judy Tabra 

Pierre Lindsey

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