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February 13, 2016

Hearts Out, Dungarees In

says so by a person spending Valentine's alone. Well.... I'm single and more than ready to mingle.

Things we notably see gifted every 14th of this month: chocolates, roses, and heart-shaped paper cutouts. While most people are in so much anticipation for Valentines day, stressing out the perfect outfit for their dates or extensively spending hours on YouTube for the perfect Valentine's look. I'll be in my room trying to make it to level 5 of Cooking Dash.

But as they've all been saying (and by they I mean all the people spending Valentine's alone) it's not just a day for couples to profess their love on all social media platforms by deliberately sharing photos of them on their dates; it's also a day for a person to love him/her self. If so, then I think all the singles might have to be dressed in the most metaphorical yet justifying garment in all of Valentine's and that's according to me.

If girl's in a relationship have dresses as their go-to for date nights or whatever time-of-day date, then I strongly believe that Beyonce's legion of single ladies should be clad in dungarees. One piece that can go a long way. Nothing is as practical and convenient as a dungaree, if you're ever in a tiresome mood, then it can serve as a go-to for your laziness. But you can also turn things around and make an ordinary dungaree look dressy as a dress on a Valentine's day. With a white button-up and a pair of black ankle boots, I think it's more than enough to convey the message that you're single and more than ready to mingle.

dungaree Thrift | boots H&M

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