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January 6, 2016

Two Decades Long

"....But the looks of me justifies the fact that I'm out of my juvenile years and I'm slowly entering the world of the adults."
For some people, one of the biggest lie they can ever tell you is their age. I just can't grasp the idea why the need to deny people of the truth, but sometimes it's just a fun game to play. I have been in that bandwagon a couple of times, convincing people I am a year or two younger than my actual age. Especially since most of my friends are born on the '95 and I on the '96, so the urge to actually convince them I am younger is inevitable.  I'd tell them I'm still turning 19 or I was still 17, but the looks of me justifies the fact that I'm out of my juvenile years and I'm slowly entering the world of the adults.

Now, I'm 20 years old, two decades long living in this earth, but still as young as my heart when I was eight. I don't know why but the more I age, the more I seem so immature and dependent to people. I just never learn. I don't have a sense of responsibility, I'm lazy as f*, and I'm just all around not acting the way I should. Most importantly, I have realized I have not gained enough wisdom to keep with me when I'm old and gray. It's my birthday, but I'm lashing myself out for further realizations and future betterment. I may not have a lot to share to you for life lessons' sake, but over the year I've learned a lot in life that's keep me stood still and will hopefully help you out as well.

1. Dreams. Things aren't always smooth getting to your dreams. Obstacles, hindrances are inevitable, but it's always better that whatever happens you never let go of that burning desire to do what you want. Even if at most's extent people question you, question your desire, stay passionate and never let go of that one thing you so passionately want to do.

2. Love. It never comes easy. Never comes when you expect it to. But don't expect it from just one person you have truly admired for the longest, for if you've held on for too long it's you who'll bruise yourself afterwards. Seek love from your family, your friends, for they can give you the most genuine forms of love.

3. Purpose. I don't know what my purpose is honestly, but the thing is never pressure yourself to know what it is, what you can bring into this chaotic world. If for me, blogging is my purpose, to inspire others, then so be it. Everyone has purpose, we just don't know it yet and in time it will eventually show itself up.

4. Lastly, God. Never was I the most religious in the group, nor was I the most prayerful. The thing is, without trying to sound like a hypocrite as much as possible, even if you don't call out His name all the time you have to know he will always be by your side. Call Him out and he will hear you out. Good thing or bad thing, God is always willing to listen. Trust and Believe

Furthermore, since these looks mark the opening of 2016, it is only right to wear something red (and of course a black and white for the bore). It has been a long tradition to wear red on birthdays as it symbolizes happiness and prosperity and that's according to the Chinese culture, but we are not deprived to infuse a little of that, are we? And the only wish I have is for this blog to prosper and for new opportunities to come. Not for me, but for my blog. As I've said it before:

To grow and become a better version of last year. To prosper and reach new heights. To inspire people in one way or another.

And that's probably still my wish for this blog this year.

 This post will not see it's end without me thanking the most important people in this Two Decade Long life. First, all glory and honor goes to God for giving me yet another year to live this earth and for giving me the chance to pursue my dreams. To my friends, for painting my life with the most vibrant hues all these years. And most especially, to my family: my mother, father, and siblings, for showing me the true meaning of how it is to love, I know it's never been perfect but despite all, I know at the end of every day we will love each other like nobody in this world can. Thank you. And of course....



  1. Perfection! Those are some beautiful pictures, you styling and bravery is inspiring! <3

    / Alix N,

    1. Thank you so much Alix! Glad you enjoyed this post :)


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