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January 19, 2016

Summer In January

"Hawaiian or tropical prints.... can make you look 'cool' like a stereotypical classic American dad."
After a month of cold weather and sweaters, the Yuletide season came and drew its close. It's January, first of the two months before summer (here in the Philippines) and it's now time to shift from knits to light cottons. I don't really feel obligated to show you guys "summer looks" in January, but I feel like it's somehow mundane, especially being in a salted and tropical environment. Also, given the fact that an archipelago like the Philippines is strategically placed in an equatorial position. Then therefore, I should show you guys how I dress for the tropical bores. 

Hawaiian or tropical prints, are a little known fact about me. Go-to prints in times of inevitable laziness, but one thing that is luminescent about this print is that it can make you look 'cool' like a stereotypical classic American dad. Or even a heartthrob like DiCaprio (punching in a DiCaprio line was mandatory).  It is a must have or so I say, but I think everyone deserves to look like they've come off straight from a vacation from the land of grass skirts and intense hip thrusting. 

Three days and two nights were spent in an absurdly spontaneous weekend (post birthday celebration/ weekend getaway) at the beach house owned by my relatives in the northern part of Cebu. Thus, this post. Well, if you happen to know me in person, if I see something or somewhere as an opportunity to shoot, I'll succumb. Even if it means me having to carry loads of stuff, per say: tripod, make-up bag, cameras, clothes and yes in plural form for options, whatever else I need in order to create a content, I'm bringing it 'cause I'm doing it. At least something of creative good came out from the spontaneity of this weekend getaway. I think I have severely developed a narcissistic trait whenever on vacation, not that I'm proud of it, but instead of enjoying the relaxing sceneries of nature, I opt to do myself (and this blog) a favor by just shooting outfits. Rarely do I frolic in the glistening waters or bask to tan under the heat of the sun. Not sure if that's even a good thing.

In my mind I am trying to play a good summer anthem to go with it.

"Fashion always plays an important role" said many.

Whether on a given normal day or at the beach, we always try foresee what garb to wear for whatever purpose it may serve us. As for me, I take the beach as a challenge to tone down my usual uniform and mind you it's not easy toning down an outfit beneficial for both visual and function. For the beach or whatever getaway for that matter, it's always best to look good without having to sacrifice the functionality of an outfit. And this might be the only time I take comfort over style. That's the one reason why I drown myself with Hawaiian / tropical prints, it simply makes up for everything. Pair it with another print and you don't look as toned down as how you opt to be.

Sammyr. Sammyr. Sammyr.

Apart from the challenge of what to clothe my body with is what to cover my soles with. I am preferably a sandals-type on beaches, not with any elaborate reason only because I have since deprived myself of flip-flops after all of my collected Havaianas disintegrated one by one (trying not to cringe at the thought of my younger self out in the world looking so lavish only to be finished with a pair of slippers; this so rightly deserves a facepalm or more so a slap). Now, I'm left with nothing. So, sandals are a go-to for me on getaways. There's one brand of shoe, locally-made, which I have been wearing for years now that I so fondly wear as a go-to or as an option for whatever it is my outfit calls. This is not in any way a paid post, but rather a strong feeling of genuine interest and honest opinion. Anyway, if it is to your interest, here's a little enumerated facts about Sammyr:

  • The name 'Sammyr' is a combination of both the names of the husband and the wife that own the shoe brand. 
  • Sammyr is proudly locally-made here in Cebu. You can find them in a small stall at a shoe expo in Carcar, Cebu.
  • They are fairly priced. Trust me when I say fairly priced; the shoes I owned are at a Php 300.00 range.
  • They use leather. Real leather or faux, name it; they also have patent for those soles who prefer glossed and many more. 
  • Have I mentioned it? They are locally-made here in Cebu. Lol.

 One thing I really love about Sammyr is their quality. Yes, they're cheap but they have for me great quality shoes. I have these three Sammyrs with me for years (as what I have been saying) but they are still of great condition. For that matter, it's more than enough to know that where I'm living can produce such quality leather goods, though not [yet] on a global level, but the contentment it can give you on a local-level is something. It's above, for me, any other locally-made shoes.

 Yes, I can continue on singing praises for these shoes. I don't mind.


This post is intended as a setting. A post for the coming of more tropical bores with excessive perspiration and a plethora of dewy-looking faces hashtagged 'bare faced' on instagram. Yes, I am kicking off summer with this post, although we still have to dwell with many more holidays in the way, like Valentines to name one, but at the moment I am more than ready to welcome.

styled with Vintage pieces

shoes Sammyr


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