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January 3, 2016

Style Board

For the past years, I've always had a direction as to where my style should go and quite frankly I've always been so uptight about it. Making sure that I look the part and dress the part. You see, I'm not really the try-every-style type, I have a certain aesthetic that I am drawn towards to and that's where I would want people to attribute me.

Ever since I decided to start blogging I've always dressed up referencing to the "granny style"  or the styles your grandparents used to flaunt back in the days. But there was always a little dilemma as sometimes dressing up, I tend to lean towards the laid-backness of the normcore. Monochromatic palette, sometimes neutral, rarely the vibrant colors of the days. The standards I've set to myself is sometimes left unmet and so here I've curated images of style that I want to develop for this year- 2016, it's an amalgamation of all the things I'm drawn to in fashion- 60's, 70's, 80's 90's, and the color palette of the 2014 normcore. It's just really all about making it better for this year, what's a new year for after all?

From time to time I'll be curating images that have inspired my style over the course of time, calling it my style board. But for now, I'm hoping my 2016 style in general be all about these images (not literally). High-waisted pants, vibrant prints, the one I've always been skeptical about- denim on denim, shoulder pads, pointed shoes and platform boots. As we all know, fashion in its essence is a cycle- one trend goes, another comes back. Let's just all embrace the ones that were forgotten and let's bring new image to them. After all they were once deemed "cool" before being greatly considered a fad.

photos: Tumbr | Pinterest

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