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November 24, 2015

Welcoming With Flare

"I chose to end up with this laid-back seventies vibe.... A put-together look finished in a disheveled style."
In the four months that I have not blogged, I have taken the time to ponder as to what post I should do to open my blog- this was not it. It was four months of unrequited thinking to say the least. I had a lot of ideas, dibbed on the H&M collaboration with Balmain, thought about having outfits made by a tailor, but all was backlashed over the course of days that passed by. My thoughts were juiced out and I was literally left with no other options, especially since I have been meaning to “actually” blog after I posted my “Back, For Good!” entry. I was just itching. Nevertheless, the wait is now over. 

For the longest time and what felt like an endless agony of fashion desire, finally I have my own pair of flared pants. Although I already have one Levi’s jeans that I presumably categorized under “flare”, despite its’ obvious straight-cut silhouette, I just don’t think it makes the count. Ever since the likes of Wyh, Zhang, Shadforth, and also Ellery, the one designer I see who embraces flared everything no matter what cycle of trend we are in, showed it off to the world of the trends-conscious it was an essential I owed myself. It is also a good excuse to have something made from a tailor and so I (obviously) did, I dug through the pile of scrap fabrics I kept from the previous semester and delivered it straight away. I don’t really enjoy shopping for bottoms (malls or online) as sizing is always an issue for me, so when it comes to owning something I want for the bottoms, I tend to go to a tailor to have it custom made. 

  Just recently, on the Twenty-Second of November, a child was welcomed in to the world of Christianity. Everyone invited, clad in what they personally considered as christening garbs, came to witness this little angel’s milestone. It was truly a milestone not just for the baby and the parents, but also to the people involved. Moreover, as an old adage says: “The only thing that is constant in this world is change”, I couldn’t seem to grasp its’ meaning before, up until I started to notice the people around me are changing. It was two months ago when I visited my cousin Andrea and the father of their child Dominique at the hospital days after her delivery. It was weeks ago, when I was able to actually see the baby- Justyce Andi, in the flesh. And it was just days ago when baby Adie was just welcomed to the Christian world. Now that my cousin is a full-fledged mother, I now truly understand why change is the only thing constant. People change, everything changes. 
I always meticulously style myself weeks before any event, and my cousin’s daughter’s Christening was no exemption. I had ideas involving mostly plaids and ginghams as an outfit, there was an all-white thought as well, but I chose to end up with this laid-back seventies vibe. I opted to dress-down in an undressed manner the top to give the pants the attention it all desires. A put-together look finished in a disheveled style most probably was where I went for that day. And seemingly, chokers are always my “finishers”. 

Finisher: noun
1.      Something that finishes an outfit as a whole or; something that keeps the look in a put-together state.

When the mind is in for some hairy-cleavage exposure I always put one on, so to lean more towards the put-together side. It’s always nice to have something you greatly consider a finisher at times of fashion crisis we inevitably dwell every day, they just apparently make life easier.
Predominantly, the word “welcome” was being used countless times in the event for gift letters or for hashtags, so I decided to choose my own welcome that very same day for the blog with this outfit. This outfit not only welcomes baby Adie into the Christian world but also welcomes my readers into my world, into this side of the blog- the main part. 

Now that I'm back on track, let this post serve as a formal welcoming of the beautiful changes that happened to this blog. To the beautiful changes in my life, I welcome you as well. Good or bad, change is change and all we can ever do is accept the fact that we can never stay the same no matter how hard we try. 

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