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October 21, 2015

Marc Jacobs SS 2016

Marc Jacobs Spring 2016 Ready-to-wear

"It’s the kind of collection that will reward an up-close look—dense with detail and hidden meanings, and totally irresistible." - Nicole Phelps; Vogue Runway
I know New York fashion week is done and over, but I just couldn't really get over the spectacle brought by Marc Jacobs' "One Night Only" show. I can only hope I was in it even for that night alone. It is nostalgic in many different level. The type where certain flashes of memories in fashion come back to life. Plaids, sweaters, letterman jackets,  pinstripes, the list goes on. This was Marc Jacobs way of saying I love you to the movies and I have just thought, even though it may not have been clearly stated but you can see certain influences from different flicks from varying eras. This collection is an ode, a reminiscence to the different generations of fashion before 21st century came about.

This collection gives me something, excitement, physical and emotional sensation, I don't know. But whatever it is, this collection is truly stimulating, physically or emotionally. Orgasmic would be an understatement, I'm not even quite sure if that's the right adjective to use. But, this collection just directly speaks to me. If I only had the means, I'd certainly indulge myself into a Marc Jacobs galore. The letterman jacket, the pinstripe look, and of course Marc Jacobs take on chokers. Could it really get more luxurious than his own take of these simple trends back in the day?

Frankly, I was never a fan of Marc Jacobs even during his time on Louis Vuitton, but something is so pivotal about his Spring 2016 that excites me as to what he does next. Definitely looking forward (from here on now) for his next collections.

photo credits: Vogue Runway


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